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  1. Ambady Anil

    ROMA don't look like a Ferrari. Ferraris are supposed to be an ART, with the passion oozing out on every creese and lines that exotic Italian flavour and should stand out. This is more of an Aston Martin, than a "Ferrrraaaaarrrii"

  2. vatsal 0509

    Would rather have a bently with those spectacular interiors rather then this !! If its a GT car that I want.

  3. Lington Daniel

    Looks 🤩 Like a million bucks

  4. Chaitanya Karpe

    Ferrari is suffering from split personality syndrome (comfort + fun)

  5. Padmanathan

    One is in chennai

  6. Anish Mathew

    Who all wish this was in the color we all love ferraris in.. RED.. 🔴

  7. DeathCreek X

    When a beauty in beast that's a hot GT the V8 Roma

  8. Manish Nair


  9. Sriram

    India imports are becoming hot

  10. Alfred Joseph

    Rs 3.76 cr is bit too expensive ..cause in US it's 200-400 thousand dollars .....and including taxes in INDIA should come around 2.6 cr ..

  11. Vinay kumar

    There is a different kind of aroma in this roma

  12. M.R.D NIKE 46

    I love it roma

  13. Srinivasan Nandagopal

    Waiting for yamaha fzx review.

  14. maxmavrick7

    Most beautiful Ferrari in recent times outside as well as from inside IMO

  15. ARISE íì

    Ah my eyes are blessed 😍


    I like the design, its no- nonsense & looks quite practical to own. The only thing I wish could be better is the exhaust note which isn't as intense as some other cars in Ferrari's stable. Interiors are beautiful & I loved the fact that the traditional yellow tachometer has found place in this modern Ferrari. If only it had a naturally aspirated engine, things would have been different and sweeter 😊

  17. Sudipta Kumar

    Indian roads don't deserve such a beauty😍😍

  18. Aashutosh Agrawal

    It's awesome but front grill would be more attractive.

  19. Rohit Tammineedi

    Forza Ferrari ❤️


    Was waiting for this. Thank you Autocar India


    You can buy 2 Tesla Model S plaid with the price of a Ferrari Roma & it's a 4 door sedan.

  22. Ashish shewale

    ROMA 😘😀👌👍👍🔥🔥🔥

  23. Apoorv Jain

    That cabin❤️

  24. Piyush Quicker

    Even though I am Lamborghini fan. But if I have to buy a Ferrari it would be 100% be Roma. It is typically Ferrari and very beautiful

    1. HD Tech & Photography

      I m fan of both Lamborghini and ferrari and i can say roma is second best looking front engine ferrari ever First is f12 Berlinetta

  25. Syed Asgar

    Waiting for Kushaq and Alcazar reviews..

  26. Amit

    As 🔥 as italian beauties😍

  27. Nirmala Dsilva


  28. Aarya Jadhav

    Ferrari ❣️

  29. Abhi B

    ROMA is definitely one of the best and classy looking Ferraris. But A FERRARI looks best in only in 1 color - RED 🏎

  30. Avisek pal


  31. Manu R Shetty



    My favorite green colour..... 😍

  33. Mr toppiston head

    Oh Roma, we finally have it

  34. Nuratu Ram

    Mercedes Benz s class 2021 ka video kab Ayage

  35. Electricity x1404


  36. Gluttonous Manu

    Still felt really bad that we have to give up our Fiat and Ambassador due to lack od space :/

  37. Game Drive

    Loved it ❤️⚡

  38. Jash Modi

    200Cr, before taxes

  39. Ram Kishan


  40. babu reddy

    Appreciate your efforts and courage to take the electric vehicle deep in to the jungle. One of your best Loved it.

  41. Vishnu N

    tata is indias tesla and ev's has no competition

  42. Sayujya Karve

    What caught my attention was how much the camera showing the cockpit view of the Thar wobbled compared to the Nexon.. and that too on probably one of the best tarmacs in the nation

  43. Saurabh Gaud

    I love land rover

  44. Prashant Maurya

    diesel engine lose & electric motor win..... shitttttt

  45. S A A N I L

    If it comes with will be the Rock 😍

  46. amit parashar

    Anyday.. Nexon..!!!!

  47. Akshay Meshram

    No to Seltos . Very poor safety features and road experiences. Creta is far better on this front.

  48. Killer Kakaaa

    How much is the ground clearance

  49. Rohit Japagal

    mahindra's engine + pratap bose's design = best cars will hit mkt in 3 years

  50. akash soni

    many features missing as one would expect from such pric segment.adaptive cruise, lane keep assist/ departure warning, ventilated seats, pre heating/cooling. for 21k honda has civic with loads of features in the states and that kinda makes feel bad. as seen in video octavia seems to be wobbly in suspension department. it just is trying to lure by interior looks. previous generation had better looks from outside it has lost a bit of that classy look statement.

  51. Adarsh Jadhav

    No need to watch vedio I decided here 1:11 😂

  52. Debangee Atreiya Class 2A Roll No 13

    Rating of Hyundai Alcazar plz..

  53. Dharamvir Singh

    Polo 5500 rpm per full 175 nm torque nikalti ha and nios 6000 rpm 172 nm that why polo passed the nios in some second .... if nios give 172 nm torque at 5000 rpm it will win

  54. MUNEER T H

    Skoda octavia recently launched shows how serious is skoda all about Skoda superb and octavia uses same engine in the market priced heavily compared Hyundai Elantra Skoda should have 1.5 l turbo petrol engine and priced competitive to Hyundai Elantra Now Customer are confused with octavia and superb , value of money it offers


    Good job 👍 Jaguar love

  56. Ruchi Gulati

    Hyundai Alcazar Please ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  57. Abhishek Tanwar

    4 hrs for full charge that too with the charger that you will not these cars do need improvement. Just slapping a bed of batteries and removing the engine is not going to get your far . Learn from tesla

  58. First Class Therapy

    Wow acceleration

  59. prabhakaran STR

    Audi fam ❤️

  60. Leo Messi

    No body can match nissan driving dynamics.

  61. JD-The Master

    Performance , cornering and Handling - Gixxer Comfort and fuel efficiency- Fz

  62. yashu reddy


  63. sudiptakiran

    Definitely Honda City!! Just took the delivery of the 5th gen City ZXCVT last week and it's an excellent car with all the necessary bells and whistles!!

  64. Abheet Jain

    it resembles my old i20 sportz from the back🤣🤣💥💥

  65. nikhil mahajan

    The rear wheel turning upto 1.5 degree was stupendous. I could only imagine how it must be feeling when taking a corner at 100kmph without any hesitation. However, 2.07 cr is insane amount but I think I can get it for cheap in Dubai.

  66. Suraj Mandal

    A BIG THUMPS UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Abhinav Gupta

    Good to see Hormazd behind the wheels and doing what he does best. ✌🏼

  68. Reddylion

    Kia ev 6 needs a glass roof.

  69. Amlan Pal

    I don't see this design to be a hit.. more of a MPV and not a great body design

  70. Touzeen Hussain

    Nice watch

  71. Sukhraj Singh

    When we will start getting ev under 10lakh Then the market will gonna boom

  72. Gurkirat Singh

    Beautiful design just like always. Jaguar design is just amazing. Definitely looks better than Tesla Model 3.

  73. Akash Vashisth


  74. Tom

    This car looks much better than the new generation

  75. Subho “w1z4rd” Maitra

    truly inspiring! in my bucket list!